Iochroma – Propagating From Cuttings

If propagating Iochroma from seed seems a daunting task. Your best bet is propagating them from cuttings. They can be a bit difficult. Iochroma cuttings are fussy little devils. They like temps around 75 degrees (in late April or May here in Florida), damp, not wet planting medium and low light conditions. Once you get a good sized plant going and have new, tender growth evident, you’re ready for surgery!

So, let’s get going!

The video below is pretty self-explanatory. The critical part of the procedure is making sure you mist the cuttings with your fungicide/water mix when they look a little on the droopy side. Too much water rots these cuttings quickly, so pay attention to the water please! Once you have roots, let them get a bit on the dry side, then pop them into larger pots. The amazing thing about Iochroma propagation is that once you get them rooted, they grow like weeds.

Have fun and please try to keep the cussing to a minimum…it’s going to work out! (LOL!)


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