We've been bitten by the epiphyllum bug - big time! Our collection is growing, the flowers are blooming and we're adding new ones weekly. When they're ready for your garden, we'll post them in our eBay store. *We're even tinkering around with hybridizing the little dickens! Lordy! Lordy! Will this pollen madness never end!

Epiphyllum Ackermanii
Epiphyllum Argus
Epiphyllum Color Wheel
Epiphyllum Dr. John T. Cox
Epiphyllum Fruhlingsgold
Epiphyllum hookeri strictum
Epiphyllum Indian Warrior
Epiphyllum Nicole Paetz
Epiphyllum Selenicereus Grandiflora

To see things in the seed. That is genius. - Lao Tzu