For our customers worldwide: We will no longer sell our plants and seeds on eBay. We WILL sell our plants and seeds on our Facebook page and other plant groups that allow onsite sales. We have used eBay as a selling source since 2002 and have a 100% satisfactory rating. We have chosen to leave eBay, because of recent changes to their payment structure. We will still accept payment through PAYPAL. So, nothing has changed much! Our plants and seeds are still the best we can offer and our long standing affection for customers past and present remains strong. Starting this Spring, bookmark our Facebook page and visit often. You never know what surprises might show up! Thanks to all of you!
Arghya Gardens (Liz)


News update – Time to get those seeds started! Starting seed BEFORE winter is smart!

Commiphora Neglecta Seed – Click to purchase.

Commiphora neglecta seed. 5 fresh seeds sent to the United States only. Price includes shipping and tracking. PayPal only! $25.00

Commiphora neglecta seeds.

Royal Poinciana Tree Seeds – Click To Purchase.

25 fresh seeds and planting instructions. To the USA only.  Price includes shipping and tracking. PayPal only. $23.00

Royal Poinciana seeds


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