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Spring 2015 – Fertilizing – The Magic Mix


Magic-Crystal-Lg_01Another great gardening day coming up. We’re pollinating like mad, potting cuttings of this and that, playing with the amaryllis, fertilizing, repotting, trimming, trucking soil all over the place…and my back is killing me! LOL! Not to worry! This is an annual ritual that brings out the heating pad and aspirins as well as happy blooms!
The hibiscus grafts continue to sit in their Perlite pots. We’re watering them with our magic mix of Banrot and rooting hormone.
Here’s a kicker for you. This year we also have a magic mix of fertilizer that’s proven to be successful on both our brugs and hibiscus. The trick is applying as little as possible according to pot size.
Sulfate of Potash (Potassium) – 0-0-50
Urea Nitrogen – 46-0-0
Regular 10-10-10
All of this delicious stuff is either granulated or pelleted, so mixing is easy.
3 gal pot – 1/8 cup
7 gal pot – 1/4 cup
10 gallon pot – 1/4 cup
Twice a month does it.
You can also supplement with a foliar/pot feed of Miracle Grow (20-20-20) once or twice per month.
Feel free to add some Epsom Salts and bone meal from time to time.

Brugmansia Angels Goldface
Hibiscus Black Voodoo
Amaryllis Cybister Night Star



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