All of the seed we offer is hand collected and cleaned right here in the garden. We store it only for the time it takes to sell off the limited packages we gather on a weekly or monthly basis. This assures you fresher more viable seed. We do hand pollinate, but we also allow for open pollination of some species. The difference is noted for your information. Of course, we cannot guarantee every seed will sprout – this depends on a number of factors including, storage of seed after purchase, planting and care methods, and weather conditions, but we do want to assure you that we try to get the seed gathered and sold as quickly as possible. We therefore do not offer refunds on seed.

Brugmansia, Passiflora, Amaryllis and other vine seeds are 10 seeds to the pack. Hibiscus seeds are as few as 4 up to 7 seeds to the pack. In extremely rare instances the count will be lower. If we have a large stock on hand, we add additional seeds at our discretion. Seed count is always listed in the ad. We advise that you refrigerate seed if you intend to keep it stored for any length of time.


Occasionally, we offer specials on smaller bulbs or bulb seedlings. Again, these bulblets are the result of hand pollination. They may be new types,or they may resemble either of the parent plants. These bulbs are generally for the serious bulb collector willing to explore the possibilities of unusual bulb crosses. Not for the faint-hearted or those unwilling to wait more than one or two seasons for blooms. Again, bulb care is very specific and failure to thrive depends on factors beyond our control. We therefore do not offer refunds on bulblets.

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