How To Sprout Commiphora Myrrha seeds

Commiphora myrrha seeds need special care throughout the sowing and germination process.

Commiphora Myrrha
Commiphora Myrrha
  • Sowing the seeds. Assemble your supplies: multi-cell seed tray, soil mix (30% potting soil, 30% Perlite, 40% coarse sand), a pencil, watering can. Fill cells in your seed tray with your soil mix. Water thoroughly and allow soil to drain. Make a hole in each cell with your pencil. Drop the seed into the hole (approx. 1/2”) and cover with soil. DO NOT REMOVE THE SEED COAT BEFORE PLANTING!
  • Your seeds need a temperature of between 80 – 85 degrees in order to germinate. So, keep them warm. Monitor the soil for moisture. When soil appears to be drying out, add water. DO NOT ALLOW SOIL TO BECOME TOO DRY. DON’T OVERWATER EITHER! Monitor your seeds daily for any changes to soil moisture.
  • Our seeds germinate in 6 days – 14 days. Yours should too, but don’t discard soil after that time. Seeds hold to their own timetable and may germinate later.
  • Sprouts. After your seeds sprout, continue careful observation of soil moisture. Adjust as necessary. Some seeds discard their seed coat easily, some do not. If a seed is having difficulty discarding the seed coat, don’t panic! Use a cotton swab to dab a little water on the seed coat a few times during the day. This will help soften the seed coat and help the seed discard it. If all fails, you must carefully remove the seed coat. Be careful!
  • Once sprouts are up, allow them to fill their cells with roots before transplanting to a larger pot. A 2” x 2” pot is good. When the plant becomes rootbound in that pot, move the plant up to larger pots incrementally. Make sure the small plants receive bright light, but don’t introduce them to full sunlight until they have hardened off.
  • After care. Once you have established plants, continue to monitor moisture and sunlight. You may introduce a weak solution of Miracle Grow at that time. Easy does it. When your plants have fully hardened off place them in the sun.
  • C. myrrha is a tough tree. Once they are established they resist insect, fungal and other garden problems. They grow with little care other than maintenance of moisture, sun and occasional feeding.

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