Arghya Gardens is a botanical garden on a very small plot of land. It began with gifts of plants, soil and fertilizer as a means of restoration. Over time, restoration came, and an idea was born. Suppose we brought some of earth’s truly rare plants together in one place? Certainly, the rain forests are disappearing at an alarming rate. What of the plants within them? Why not bring rare plants together, grow and distribute them to responsible gardeners? We have spent a long time gathering many unusual plants, and have decided to make them employees of a sort. They work at sustaining themselves via seed, cutting and tunication. In doing so, they are assured a more lasting place on the planet, and they enhance our lives with their performance and beauty. We hope new plant varieties will be born here as well. Although some of our seed is open pollinated, we hand pollinate almost exclusively. If we come up with something new and different, we’ll let you know. Over the past few years, we have come to know many other gardeners who have similar goals. We respect their contribution to the preservation of plants we want our children and their children to enjoy in the future. We hope you feel the same way as you search our catalog or purchase plants and seeds from us.

Like many of you we have ordered plants on line. In most cases we have been pleased, but there have been times when we’ve had a 2” plant in a 1″ pot roll directly out of the box into life support. We want to sell you a plant that can take it’s place in your garden as quickly as possible. Some plants are rare, but not so rare that a 2″ cutting is all we can spare. We have approximately 200 types of plants available, but all of them are not available at the same time. We contend with limited space, radical changes in weather and crop failure as many growers do. If you visit our Facebook page shop you will find plants and seeds currently available for shipping. Our galleries reference plant stock both past and present, but don’t promise plants will be available. Availability changes from week to week, so the best way to know what we have available is to check our Facebook page frequently. We are not a massive plant nursery. We are a botanical garden. We aren’t cranking plants out like nuts and bolts. We take our time and don’t let a plant or seed go without making sure it is healthy and ready to join your garden family. Our goal is to sell you a plant we ourselves would love to receive and grow. We’ve been selling plants and seed since 2003 almost exclusively on eBay and have an almost 100% satisfaction rating after over 11,000 sales. We hope to continue that tradition as we switch to selling from our Facebook page. You may view our eBay feedback here:

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