Epiphyllum Database

We've added quite a lot of epiphyllums this year. These important stats provide their characteristics and breeding history. Click on the plant name link for more information. A work in progress...

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Cultivar NameFlower DescriptionPod ParentPollen DonorColor ClassSizeFragranceSpeciesHybridizer NameDate of RegistryESA NumberCountry of Origin
Abolaza Orange L MITS 1994 11567
Ackermanii Red M
American Sweetheart Ruby Snowflake Tassel Pink Multi XL WC 1977 6341
Andromeda Yellow White M FOB 1952 5887
Aquarius White Inner petals with greenish throat L LEE 1975 6663
Araby Pegasus Annie P. Williams Purple – Lt. inner and outer petals w/red stripe red outer petals L FOB 1955 7062
Argus Pink – Salmon w/rose throat M CALL 5580
Arobio Tele Jennifer Ann Red XL FRE 10107
Astronaut Purple – w/red midstripe Red w/purple outer petals XL CLDG 1950 5880
Autumn Shadows Madeline Sundance Red inner and outer petals L FRE 1994 11531
Aztec Treasure Banshee Unknown white epicactus Pink – Dk. W/orange-red midstripe Outer red L KBY 1985 10264
Bagdad Pink – deep inner and outer petals L KN/STL(STL) 1936 5149
Beaux Yeux Pink – Salmon with darker throat L CLDG 1950 5079
Beijing Dracula Stern von Erlau Purple-lavender edge outer petals purple XL MIY 2008 13355
Bertha Talbot Loose Red – Cherry w/purple edges Large white throat L BHM 1955 5352
Bill Ward's Ruby Red – golden orange midstripe fuchsia edge green throat L EC (VWARD) 1992 11059
Blackamore Purple/Wine L RWP 1953 5501
Bodacious Purple – faint orange midstripe Purple outer petals L LAT(EW) 2009 13442
Bold Venture Orange w/bright purple XL FOB 1950 5644
Bouche Yellow – lt. NIC 1925

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