Creative Commons Licensing allows for the use, re-use and distribution of created works for a variety of purposes. Whether its photos, programs, e-books – Creative Commons Licensing badges tell you what you can and cannot do with digital media and created works.

Here is a description of the badges and various categories they represent:

The photos, e-books and videos in our on-line shop each carry a Creative Commons License. When you purchase and download those items, you will see a Creative Commons License badge in the ad and the Zip file containing that photo, e-book or video. That badge lets you know how you can use the digital material you’ve downloaded. It can be as simple as using it for your own personal enjoyment, adding a link back to this site when you add the photo to your website, or as complex as not adding the material to a commercially produced product without asking first.

Either way, you’re fully informed about use of digital media.

That’s it! If you have any other questions about using any of our videos, photos or e-books – drop us a line and we’ll talk.


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