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New Brugmansia Seedling For November – 2010


Florida is cooling off. Autumn has arrived, and with it comes cooler days and nights, less humidity and relief for sun-baked Brugmansias. Much to our relief, we were fortunate to have some seedlings survive last season’s freeze. One of them, The Chief x Sam has finally bloomed. We were pleasantly surprised to see three distinct corollas when we dissected a bud that had been clipped off by a hungry snail.

The plant was thouroghly searched for snail culprets, then it was placed in a shady area off the ground. This was the resulting bloom.

Here’s another shot.

We’ve had quite a bit of success crossing doubles with doubles over the past few years, and were pleased to see it work out successfully again. The corollas are well formed and rest well down the corolla tube. I particularly favor this form. It seems it has inherited that form from the pod parent. No complaints there. Fragrance is good, not overpowering, not similar to the fruity-spicy-marzipan fragrance of the pod parent. The cross adopted the pod donor’s coloration.

As far as stamina goes, this seedling survived a broadmite attack, a freeze and a blisteringly hot Florida summer.

All told. This cross worked out.


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